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Funny, a few of you mentioned the last game at Taylor and the weather conditions. Lots more people stayed until the end this year, but many never made it in due to the conditions.

A few game comments/questions …

1) There have been some great LU-LAF passes over the years. That winning one from Mayes to Casey was the best, most important pass-catch combo in recent memory. It was an absolute thing of beauty. A Holy Shit moment to me.

Anyone else think this ranks as one of the top pass-catches in LU-LAF history, if not LU history?

2) Anyone else think this game ranks as one of the tops among 153? Combine the weather, the turnovers and the sheer second-half dominance of LU on both sides of the ball and what the win means.

3) The D was good, but keep in mind LC has an utterly awful offense. From the Morning Call’s Paul Reinhard:

“Lafayette, which rushed for only 243 yards all year before Saturday, got 187, including 95 by wide receiver Nick Pearson.”

An most of those were in the first half.

Staggering numbers.

Expect a shootout this weekend.

4) The OL and Brags continued to blow out opponents in second half. Mayes threw some balls up for grabs, but our guys did well to pick many of them up. He made some awesome (yet dangerous) passes across a long field. #gunslinger. Slants were awesome!

5) What can we say about special teams? Perhaps our best kickoff (slight exaggeration) of the day was when Mish kicked it out of bounds and Lafayette got it at the 35. Coverage/return issues. Mish was awesome with his punts and scoring on Saturday.

I’m optimistic about Stony Brook. Limit mistakes and make a few stops. Earn a trip to James Madison. Just an opportunity to beat them would be amazing.