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Some other fun facts:

Stony Brook allows only 100 yards rushing per game. That’s 12th in nation.

Lehigh has played against other top national rushing defenses: Yale (3), Villanova (4), Colgate (20), Holy Cross (25).

SB will battle Brags, who has the second-most rushing yards in the nation (1,313, just behind Josh Mack of Maine, 1,335, and ahead Fulse of Wagner). Mack got only 84 yards on 30 carries Saturday vs. SB.

Stony Brook has nation’s 19th best turnover margin. Colgate, Villanova and Lafayette all rank 28th.

TOTAL DEFENSE: Stony Brook ranks 21st. Compare that to Bucknell (12), Yale (13), Colgate (20) and Lehigh (115, up from 123, and last, a few weeks ago).

TOTAL OFFENSE: Stony Brook ranks 82nd (Lehigh’s 5th), with 330 ypg.