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Let’s stop making excuses.

Two points:

RED SHIRTS: Yes, our league is hamstrung by the red-shirt issue. It’s been hamstrung for years, back when Lehigh and Colgate, for starters, competed WITHOUT ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS in the playoffs.

Sadly, there hasn’t been much competition by the PL the past two years. If these blowouts continue, should the PL continue to get an auto-bid?

DEFENSE: Yes, there were a number of younger players out there. But the D is not a new problem. It has been this team’s Achille’s heel for several years, since Kotulski left.

Two years ago, the D almost cost LU the last home game with Lafayette. Yet nothing has changed; things actually have gotten worse.

Anyone want to look at the ugly numbers?

We are in the Hank Small era on D. It’s the equivalent of the pre-Cecchini numbers on O. AC’s job was saved when he brought in Cecc to be OC and dramatically re-tool the offense.

There are many coaches looking for work this week. There’s got to be a high-character defensive guru out there who can be named assistant head coach and given the reins to retool the D.

There’s got to be someone who can improve special teams, a real weakness this year.