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Looking ahead:

This year, with huge passing numbers from the QB, with the best back in the league and perhaps an all-time great at LU, plus two all-time great WRs, plus a big, experienced O Line, we struggled to a 5-6 record.

This is primarily due to weak defense (“historically weak”) and a not so special “special teams”.

Think about this: Even averaging huge yardage and points numbers, this team struggled to finish 5 and 6!

So going into 2018, the only real hope is that we can rebuild the O Line, and hope that the “defense” actually plays defense. Again, we are not asking for the ’85 Chicago Bears here…just “hold teams” to 400 yards, 28 points and stop letting bad teams run for 200+ yards.

The Georgetown and Lafayette games are great indicators of what I mean…Holy Crap! 30 + points to those terrible teams?

I don’t advocate firing anyone because that’s a terrible thing to say, but, in the real world, someone has to be held accountable for such horrific results. We are looking at just about the worst defense in the nation! Only one of the best ever offenses prevented an 0 -11 season!

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