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Fordhams list on twitter. A load of OL and a QB headline their class. Good job by assts without a HC or likely a future at Fordham.
Casey Jones and Kelsey eligible for 5th. Q s/b back as he had to leave scool for a semester.
All 3 are full rides I think.
We wont know for sure until April on them. So I dont think fall refers to 5th yrs. PWOs are usually announced so again not a fall issue. True WOs? Heck we never know them until they pop up on roster.
Transfers? Possible but transfers at Lehigh are rarer than hen’s teeth. Could Navy game be a source for transfers? Guess so.
So without further ado, I have no idea what Andy was referring to. :) Could be any of them. Whatever it is I hope it is good news.