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[quote quote=33439]Just went by Cross board. After a few pages of complaints about their D, thread was concluded by blaming the PL for having a bad twam with a losing record. The illogic is truly hysterical.[/quote]

Yes, their illogic continues to hit new highs. I have asked multiple times why Bucknell, Lehigh, and even Boston U are able to do well within the PL but never received a response. Apparently the league only drags down HC.

Another interesting item is the criticism of the PL’s relatively low ranking. What they say about the ranking is sometimes true – but they never point out that a main factor in that ranking is HC’s poor performance over the past nine years. Average ranking of about #240 over that time span. Had they averaged 140, the PL ranking would have gone up significantly.

Having said that, there are many reasonable posters on their board who understand their problems have little or nothing to do with the PL.