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The league is rapidly improving. Bucknell getting healthy, and should come out on top, BU is very solid #2. Service academies are solid, probably 3/4. Then, I would say Lehigh and Colgate on the third tier. The bottom feeders appear to be Loyola. Lafayette, HC and American. But, Lafayette is improving every game, American has young talent, and Loyola did beat BU. HC looks like a last place team.

If Lehigh improves, maybe they get into that 3/4 territory, but no higher. 6 games left in January. Hopefully, we get home wins in next 2 (American/Colgate), likely loss at Army, then 2 more home wins (Loyola/Navy), and we sneak a win up in Worchester to end the month. Knowing how we play at HC, that is a likely loss, so I’d be happy with 4-2 rest of January. 5-1 will show this team is a contender. If we start losing at home, pitchers and catchers coming soon.