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65, you are being generous, only including the 2 PL games, one our biggest crowd by about double the average. For season:

Monmouth (Tues) 779
Siena (Fri) 767
Eastern D3 (Sun) 643
Yale (Wed) 776
MSM (Sat) 694
HC (Fri) 814
American (Sun) 1358

Total 5831
Avg (7 games) 833

Doesn’t really matter opponent, date, time, anything. We have about 800 legit Lehigh basketball fans. And, that number might be pumped (tickets sold vs. people in house, not sure how they get the figure posted).

It is a shame. I think D1 basketball, even at the lower levels is a good product and highly entertaining. But, unfortunately, many high school programs around the country outdraw us.

Whatever they did for American was obviously positive, as 1350 is not embarrassing. Under 1000 is pretty embarrassing IMO.

In looking at other programs we played, for the away games:

Marist 1387 (not bad, their opener)
USC 3125 (weak for ranked Pac 10 school, T’giving week)
Pitt 3317 (weak for ACC, T’giving week)
Princeton 1292 (where Lehigh attendance should be)
UVA 13594 (Top 5 ACC)
St. Francis 672 (bad, but may be all of Loretto)
Lafayette 1673 (some LV crossover perhaps, but strong)
Navy 632 (awful)
BU 403 (pathetic, that is 1.2% of the student body, and 2.4% of undergrads)
Bucknell 2404 (solid)

I’d certainly like to see us in the Princeton, Marist, Lafayette area (1300-1700). If I was a recruit, and had choice of 5 offers, and you brought me to Stabler with 600-800 fans in attendance, that is a really tough sell. At least your parents don’t have to wait in line for a pretzel, wait for the bathroom, or have to drive around looking for parking.