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To Improve patriot league football (ignoring Georgetown) from most likely to least likely to be acceptable to the 6 other programs (IMHO)

1. Maximize possible scholarships (60 to 63?)

2. increase max roster size to 99-100. Say by 5 a year. Easiest for Fordham, then Lehigh, Then Buck then CU, HC, LC. (the more students, the easier, higher male – female ratios also)

3. find ways to make it easier and more practical for 5th year students. Obviously Lehigh and FU are already there. At Bucknell, even though they give Masters, I was told a 5th yr is only eligible with a change of Majors (but I would assume also with a double major) I could guess Colgate may be the same, But HC+LC don’t have grad programs so….

4. Increasing roster size would mean more walk-ons, preferred and not preferred. So – allow non scholarship guys to take a non-injury redshirt years, maybe with some limit, like 5 guys a year. Maybe a rule that the RS must be declared before the first game, if they are practicing.

5. Finally, least likely, a couple of scholarship guys to take non medical redshirts each year.