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The lack of defense is out of character for Brett’s teams.
Points allowed per game: 65.2/g (2012-13), 69.0 (13-14), 66.7 (14-15), 69.1 (15-16), 70.7 (16-17)………and this year: 78.9…… even Eastern University scored 70…egad.

Are we that untalented, effortless, poorly coached, can’t communicate new schemes, or is the competition simply that much better than us? Kenpom certainly doesn’t think much of the Patriot League this year. So other than Bucknell, its not the competition.

Due to work I have not seem much other than box scores.. So does anybody have insight on what has gone so wrong defensively so far?

Second question (maybe a better question): Marques Wilson had 26 minutes, 20 points, and lead the team in rebounds (7) Sunday afternoon. Was somone sick, benched, or is someone emerging?