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It’s too bad I didn’t care who won the game last night. But, I did. To a casual b’ball fan, it must have been fun to watch. You know, double-overtime (250 minutes of action) with 179 points being scored. Fun…Right? Not for me. To steal a phrase from John Feinstein, It was A Good Night Spoiled.

You can’t give the other team 16 more shots at the basket (79 FGAs to our 63) which, in turn, yielded 13 more points off turnovers and expect to win. This, despite putting off good offensive numbers yourself (.476 FGA, .480 3FGA, and .727 form the line). I won’t belabor the point raised by many over not being able to break a press, but only mention a new concern I have going forward. It’s Kyle Leufroy. The guy has all but disappeared from the scoring sheet, hitting just 6 of 21 attempts over the last three games, with minutes falling from 27/game to 19 over that span of contests to just 9 last night. What’s more, he seems to have lost a step in his attack. Hopefully not his interest or coach’s confidence. We need him back to yesteryear form it are to turn this season around.

Half way home. 9 game down…9 to go. We sit in a three-way tie for 7th place with LC and HC and just a game ahead of AU in 10th. If the playoffs started tomorrow, and not on Feb. 27th as it does, we’d host a “play-in” game against AU. Not what I was expecting!