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When was the last time 9 different Lehigh players were credited with at least one assist?

Lehigh currently sits in 4th:

Bucknell 14-2
Navy 10-6
Colgate 9-6
Lehigh 9-7
BU 8-8
Holy Cross 7-9
Lafayette 7-9
Loyola Maryland 6-9
Army West Point 6-10
American 3-13

Colgate: at Loyola, ARMY, HOLY CROSS
Navy: at Bucknell, LOYOLA
Lehigh: at Loyola, LAFAYETTE

Lehigh is peaking at the right time but there is no scope for error.

If my understanding is correct
* In head-to-head with Navy, Lehigh went 0-2 vs. Navy in reg season
* In head-to-head with Colgate, Lehigh wen 1-1 vs. Colgate but beat Bucknell once while Colgate went 0-2 vs. them
* In three way tie scenario with Navy, Colgate, and Lehigh, Colgate went 3-1 vs. Navy and Lehigh, Navy went 2-2, Lehigh went 1-3, so in that scenario Colgate would be No. 2 seed, Navy would be No. 3 seed, Lehigh would be No. 4 seed

Netting this out, best case scenario is No. 2 seed, but we would need Navy to lose twice, Colgate to lose at least once and Lehigh to win out

If Lehigh wins out, they are guaranteed no worse than 4th seed.

However, if they LOSE out, they still could possibly have to play a game on Tuesday.

Going to be an exciting week.