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Great win for Lehigh – 7 straight! I like how this team is playing now and they have to be seen as dangerous. Kahron Ross made some crossover dribble moves that made me wonder if I was watching an old film loop of CJ McCollum in Lehigh’s road brown.

If Lehigh wins this weekend they will finish no worse than 4th and will be hosting someone in the PL Tournament on Saturday.

Lehigh is ALIVE for the No. 2 seed. If Lehigh beats Lafayette, Navy loses to Loyola and Colgate loses to Holy Cross, Lehigh would be the No. 2 seed (T2 with Colgate, both teams were 1-1 against each other but Lehigh beat Bucknell once while Bucknell swept Colgate).

I believe it works out like this:

Lehigh W, Navy L, Colgate L –> Lehigh No. 2 seed
Lehigh W, Navy W, Colgate L –> Lehigh No. 3 seed
Lehigh W, Navy L, Colgate W –> Lehigh No. 3 seed
Lehigh W, Navy W, Colgate W –> Lehigh No. 4 seed

If Lehigh loses, they could either be in a 2-way or 3-way tie with BU and/or Navy. Lehigh loses tiebreakers with Navy (they swept us) or BU (1-1, they also beat Bucknell once, and Colgate once, but they also beat Navy once). So a loss would very likely put Lehigh as the 5th seed.