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I laid out what I saw . A terrible D for many reasons.I give Sutyak some leeway in his 1st yr with Botts sitting on his shoulder. It is his D this year. DL under Roberts was mostly a nonfactor.A number of good individual plays but the line rarely played successfully as a unit. Back 7 was crippled by inexperience and injuries. There were times we had 5 frosh there. 2ndary lost Harris McCloskey Gies Jones and Montgomery.Walker and O’Neil were the only experienced players back there.
Kashurba no doubt will help with coordinating the back 7. The major task facing our D is learning how to finish tackles.I cringe recalling Palladino running through tackle after tackle for huge yardage. One thing for sure we will have a lot of experience back on D for good or ill.
All said and done, I dont see any gain to changing DC again. Enough, we’ve 4 before Sutyak over the last few years. Give him a real shot to succeed. If not then no choice but to clean out all of them.