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Thank you LU90 for your insight and great recap of the season and future prospects. Regarding KL, was he hobbled with some sort of injury or did his game just decline for other reasons? He seemed out of sync offensively all year and maybe a step slower than his sophomore season. Other questions: Is Sedore done? Did not see him on the bench during the last several games. He seemed to have some game the brief cameos he made mid-season. Will we finally see JL next year? What is the ceiling for JC? I think he could be an all league point if he works and gets the minutes along side Wilson & Tejada. How good can JK be if he learns how to finish? Lastly, total agreement on the job doc and his staff did considering the Alston transfer, all the new kids, and of course the continuing health issues with the bigs. A shame the season has ended, but at least we have baseball and warmer weather, hopefully soon!