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Not really sure H2 for reasons. What I see is a loss of focus during games vs Top 20 teams leading to 4-5 goal runs.We respond but only with 2-3 goal is not talent. Cassesse has brought in top level recruits.Loss of focus not as big an issue 1st half of the season. It has tanked the 2nd half repeatedly.
Why? Well, I have backed away from the ledge :) so my thought is youth. We are a very young team. We have 5 seniors , 3 of whom are key players.
Bucknell? Not sure why but Cassesse sat Spence for the w2 backup up goalies. Kirst gave up 8 goals before being replaced.The back ups gave up 10 goals. Spence gave up 4. He alone had more saves then goals.
On to Colgate for start of playoffs. Perhaps we can revive the early season team to advance.