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A note 1st if you can get PhilSteele’s FCS mag great info on us and all our opponents, puts PL in some context with national scene

WR expect Kurfis and Preston S. to get time. Kablan a wild card, great speed 1st yr at wr Ferandz-Soto rb in HS could surprise. Fitz will play in 4 wr sets like an H back OL Pelligrini , if healthy and Vouno starters. lippincott and Rugg, another if healthy, will play. expect schauder will start and back up at OC Ruley should get 2nd spot at RT. Hood likewise at LT altho I think he will be starting before PL games begin.

Do not be surprised if BB gets PT at qb

Key for us is 2ndary. We face lots of very good qbs this yr. Liberty yale Monmouth . Coach K best have his blitz packages ready we will need them