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From a cursory review Ga and Fl would seem to have the best retention rate for areas outside the NE with multiple recruits. Mich while not large #s , I believe is 100% over the yrs.

Cal has been very good for softball, lacrosse Bball, and will be good for football , recruiting sometimes is like a waterpump has to be primed before water flows freely. Once you start getting some that have athletic success you will with the effort get more and we have over the years gotten a few here and there and while not necessarily the most cost efficient it is IMO essential for us even if the cost is higher. In the East you have over 30 FCS schools competing for many of the same kids. Only a couple of FCS schools out West. Harder now with economy but should not lose our presence there, we might get the soph LB who meets an LU coach recruiting a sr.
Even with eco issues, Cassesse has recruited a number of kids from Cal this yr from the top teams in the State