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Hey guys :)

We welcome any constructive criticisms you might have of cs – and you should give us another look – now that we have had an influx of 250+ new members in the past few weeks since AGS went dark, and the football forum has exploded.

We are trying to keep the FCS forum itself relatively on focus, and it has become so. The other forums, especially The Locker Room and Politics, have more open moderation, with main restrictions dealing with photos.

You can turn on or off language filters, signatures, avatars, etc.

As far as a purpose – it is the same as AGS was – to talk FCS football. We take a more casual approach to it, and assume that we are all adults, capable of presenting/defending ideas on our own.

As for moderation – we openly moderate, and openly discuss, without bannings, warnings, etc any discussion. I have removed pictures, posts, etc that have crossed boundaries.

If CS remains the only national FCS board, it would be a shame to not have solid contributions from all corners. I think it helps the community as a whole to get exposure to all the FCS schools, even those outside one’s region.

Any suggestions for improvements are always seriously considered.

We understand that no one board will probably ever fit all the requirements for everyone, and we are okay with that.