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Not the end of the world. Game brought out the best in both squads. Don’t look for a ledge if inclined to jump. Instead, look to our rematch at home against the Eagles on Saturday, February 5th.

PS……The home team won three of four game played on opening day, as is so often the case in PL play. The team that wins 4 or 5 of its 7 away from home will undoubtedly host a playoff game or two come March. The Bison are off to a good start and have a chance to pull away in the category with a win over AU on Wednesday. Let’s see how they fare. A good comparison game if you ask me.

But, there is reason for concern and that’s in our inability to rebound the ball winning just one battle in our last five games and that came at home against the Peacocks of St. Peters. Over the last three, we’re 79-112, coming away with just 41% of the chances. Another concern of mine besides the well-documented worry about "the other big man or men-knowing Gabe can’t do it alone," would be CJ. Yup, I’m looking for CJ to have it all as billed and as needed in my humble opinion – for us to reach the top. That is especially true if we continue, as a team, to give up possessions and points via the lost rebound. Don’t look now but CJ is 4 for 22 from three in his last six – a fact that has been masked by his ability to get to the line and make his shots with uncanny regularity (42 of 49 over the last six or .857). Lehigh will need his 3-ball and other’s, as well. We won’t make it on five made threes a game – today average.