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Yes LU,

Lehigh looks good. In regards to Keefer, I think his confidence is affected due to lack of guaranteed playing time. Buchberger has remained a starter despite his whoes. I guess it is called, coaches choice. Ojo is up and down in the confidence arena too. The freshman are doing a great job. I would love to see them continue next year, but I suspect LU has a new crop coming. As for Adams, I am not surprised by his enthusiam, he just wants to win. He had the same attitude in high school. Some have called him a loose cannon. He wants to win, no matter who is playing. Since he was suited up, I assume he was a go as needed. I assume Reed knows how healthy he is. He had a good run, playing in front of Greiner for a moment, but the injury/illness slowed him down. They need to support each other and they can take it all the way. Again, they have to buy in to what Reed is teaching. I really want to see the seniors go out on top. They are playing unselfish ball. Refreshing after what I have seen of some high school stars.