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"lehigh90" wrote: Thanks for the replies. Definitely Bucknell and Army, Navy, and American, which is what I had thought for the most part.

I remember Lehigh drawing good crowds in the late 80’s with Queenan and Polaha, and continuing to draw with the Mbonu and Krisansky teams that followed. That was pre-PL ECC games, and you had some good teams in the league with Drexel and Michael Anderson and some good Towson teams. In those years, the fraternities all pretty much had a contingent that came to the home games, and some who travelled to tournament games. Also, local alums always had a presence. I moved far away in the mid 90’s and rarely saw any games. When I got back to the area in the early 2000’s, the mood at Stabler was gone. I guess the Dave Duke and, especially, Sal M eras will do that. It seemed a little livelier in the Billy Taylor years, at least the year he took them to the tourney. But, it is rare now to see more than 100 students at a game, which is pathetic. Football draws pretty well it seems, but the teams have been stronger. I don’t know about wrestling matches, but they drew well from my memory. Makes you wonder how they get any players to go there. Go to a game for your official visit, and probably get less fans than their high school games. Frustrating.

Here are official average attendance figures from 1985-2000, starting with 1985:

2339 (1988)
2827 (1992)
1765 (1995)
1129 (2000)

If it is anythigng like today, some of the figures are overstated.