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I know it’s only one man’s opinion, but here’s an interesting take on B.J. Bailey from a Boston blogger (portion copied below) that makes you think we’re getting a good kid. … pus/?p=127

**One additional note on Bailey: I only saw him play once, when BU beat Northeastern, 69-64, in overtime on Nov. 25. It wasn’t necessarily a memorable performance — Bailey played 21 minutes and had six points and three rebounds — except Bailey stuck in my mind for what happened after the game. While only a few reporters remained court-side and a handful of maintenance workers cleaned the gymnasium, Bailey came back to the court to get some more shots. Bailey only hung around for about 5-10 minutes, but I’ve never seen a player do that after a game. It just stood out to see a freshman sticking around to get in extra work after playing in an overtime game.