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Yes. Over the last few years all PL teams have opted out. LU and others could have been in it if they wanted to be.

Bucknell was the last PL team to continue in the BB, but there is little to be gained unless you’re a very strong mid-major. The negatives include:

1. Possibly having to travel a great distance to play a game that no-one is interested in.

2. Having to reschedule a Saturday PL game to the open Wednesday at midseason – which means more missed class time.

3. A mandated return game with a team that possibly no-one is interested in.

There are three reasons that Bucknell originally opted in:

1. The BB gives strong teams another game with a strong team – which theoretically helps your credentials for an at-large NCAA bid. BU in 2005-06 had a good shot at an at-large bid and playing a strong Northern Iowa team on national TV possibly helped their credentials. (Obviously no-one in the current PL is in this position.)

2. If you are a very strong mid-major you have a good shot to land a national TV game. (No PL team this year is likely to be in that category.)

2. If you are a strong team who few teams want to play (as Bucknell was in 2005-07), it locks up another game on the schedule not only for the current year but also for the next year.