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Some observations:

1) Lehigh does not match up great vs. Bucknell. Their inside game is the best in the PL and while we have some solid players, they are all young and have a tough time clearing out the lane against some of the better teams. I think it speaks volumes that Holden Greiner’s two worst games of the year came vs. Bucknell.

2) Lehigh was in it after the first half, but Bucknell’s head coach made a great adjustment to take away passing lanes in the second half, which resulted in turnovers.

3) If we hope to repeat as PL champions, it will most likely go again through Sojka. And every recipe for Lehigh winning includes lights-out shooting from the outside and taking care of the ball.

4) If I’m Dr. Reed and I’m in Sojka again, I use those time outs early and often in an effort to break Bucknell’s passing rhythm. I’d even go eleven deep and make sure there are plenty of fouls, despite their nightmarish free-throw shooting. You have to work extremely hard to beat them.