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B137 is right on with his comments. I was expecting (imagine he was, too) that the FTs would equal-out as both teams are "money" from the line (BU is ranked 3rd in the nation; LU comes in at #19). In a way, they did……….while BU out-shot us 88.2% to 80%, we edged-out the Bison 32-30 in terms of points from The Line in a game that saw nearly 42 of all points scored come from 15′ away.

As mentioned before in my earlier posting under different headings, one of my biggest fears then and now is our team’s abilty – or lack thereof – to knock them down shots from beyond the arc. It came home to roost again in the sorry 0-13 performance against BU. Hit 3 or 4 of those shots and play respectable "D" in the early minutes of each half and you have a different game – one that could have gone either way.

A closer look at LU 3’s, shows that we are ranked 250th in the nation hitting on just 32.2% of our attempts. In PL play, the numbers are worse (see below) and could spell big trouble for us unless the trend is reversed.

Overall: 27 for 98 .276
In our 2 wins: 13 of 41 .317 (still not good)
In our 4 loses: 14 pf 57 .246 (a fan in the stand might have matched it)

I say, turn the page and get ready for Holy Cross.