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Chris Courogen, Hoop Time Editor, published an interesting story yesterday entitled, " Hoop Time Notebook: Winless teams and empty gyms edition." For a complete reading, check out the link below. … empty-gyms

Chris is quoted as saying, "Across the valley, the Leopards arch-nemesis, Lehigh, ranked third-to-last in attendance last season (1,285 per game) despite a championship season. Despite having the Patriot’s top player, C.J. McCollum, as a draw, the Mountain Hawks have drawn an average of just 834 to four games in Stabler this season (-35 percent)." All true, but as bad as that sounds, remember the 1,285 figure includes all home games last year – OOC and PL alike. If we were to compare our home attendance this year to that of last year and look only at the first four home games, we’d find – believe it or not – an increase in attendance from an average of 634 (last year) to 834 (this year), or a gain of 35%. So, while the numbers remain bleak, perhaps there’s hope yet.

Again, thanks everyone for your input. The ideas have been great. Like so many sports message boards, there are many more readers to the Lehigh Sports Forum than contributors. I encourage everyone with an interest in Lehigh basketball to become an active contributor to these discussions. Simply register and make your voices heard. It’s simple.