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"norcalfan" wrote: [quote="LUHoops00"]65, Your recap was great, truly appreciated it. I will be upset if BJ doesn’t make debut this weekend.

JH, minutes is going to be interesting to follow for the following reason. In PL play especially, we can get away with 3 guard lineup due to our speed, opponents lack of size, and fact that CJ is such a good rebounder. So where the question lies for JH is as follows: if you go small with 3 guard lineup, is he a good enough rebounder at the 4 to pair with gabe? If he is in with gabe in frontcourt, it is pure defense and rebounding role, as he would be 5th option on offense. So, if that is the case, is he better defending bigs and rebounding vs bigs then JA…I say no. Better then maneri at that? Baltimore? Now, if we go teo guard lineup with mackey and cj or corey and cj, with HG and GK at bigs, he is still 5th option on offense.

Norcal – I am with you on bench development, think this weekend will be mass substitutions and everyone is getting in these games.


Sorry I meant to respond to LU65 in the last one. I am not sure who needs to play where. I appreciate your analysis, but I must admit I know little about where players should fit on the floor. I like the game and only want to see this team go all the way. The players need to build confidence in order to help the team. Playing only 7-8 players most of the season will not get us there. What happens if God forbide, someone is injured. We are in big trouble. I am not a coach, never played the game, only watch and enjoy seeing players do well.[/quote]


I am glad to see my boy BJ getting warmed up:).