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"van" wrote: Wow, terrific read. I have been to every home game this year and last and always see Alice in the stands and on the sideline. At the game against the subs from Easton, she even escorted one of my fraternity bothers (a distinguished PhD who now teaches at Dartmouth) down to the sidelines.

Someone (cue RichH) should post this link on the Easton board, Carney or Bogus could use it to train Weiss, after all isn’t it our calling to educate those less well off.

Sly dog :o , I did pass on Gast’s interview

Altho truth be said I feel sorry for our Pard friends and proud of Sterrett and Gast. It is sad to see such a great school( 2nd only to us) get sucked down the drain by Weiss and their BOT. All kidding aside, I hope they can turn it around on College Hill.