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I wish I could :lol:

We did score but certainly not enough to offset (a) turning the ball over five times (leading to 21 Harvard points) and (b) taking seven penalties that led to 75 yards in loss opportunities and/or field position. While Lum did bring a sense of excitement to the game during his two TD drives (1st qt. 12 play/83 yards and 4th qt. 9 play/80 yards) that totaled seven minutes and 25 seconds in playing time, his youth, nerves (perhaps), inexperience, and poor playing call (Coen and company!) got the best of him, his team, and loyal fans at all other times. Throw in (a) a lack of protection (6 sacks), (b) an overworked defense that – granted – keeps the game but does little else (picked up its first turnover in 184 minutes of playing time when Sanchez picked off a Winters pass into the End Zone) to help win a game, (c) injuries to an already depleted linebacker corp (tough to see Sr. Troy Taylor stroll out of the clubhouse half-dressed with his arm in a sling) and at other positions forcing roster shifts and greater reliance on untested sophomore talent that would not normally be necessary at this stage in their development (ex: 6’1" 195 lb sophomore DB Colin Newton in a linebacker role, (d) a predictable (here comes Colvin…ghee I wonder what play they’ll call?), youthful and disjointed offense that lacks rhythm and imagination and (f) a Special Teams effort that wasn’t "special" yesterday and you have the makings of a 14 point Harvard win.

Believe it or not, we did out-gain Harvard 375 to 333 in total yards of offense yesterday. So much for stats!