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"LU65" wrote: Good morning my friend norcal. Nice to see your active participation this year.

As for the captains, they were appointed by their peers. While neither seems to exert vocal leadership on game day, I can only assume they do so behind the scenes during practice sessions, team meetings, and the long hours spent on the road. JM and JA have always impressed me as "team players" and vocal supporters of those on the floor. Just check out their enthusiasm and show of support when one of the younger players, especially the "walk-ons," succeed on the court. They’re the first to stand and cheer. The espirit de corp they each exhibit is clearly evident and a great source of team energy. I can’t help but think it’s welcomed by all – especially the coach. Apart from all that, I would expect JM to see more and more minutes as the PL season wears on. His play warrants it!

norcal, when – if ever – are you planning a trip East?

Thanks LU65. Nice comments on the seniors. I have seen all of them cheering on the underclassmen, nice. Espirit de corp huh? Cool. Sometimes I just like to shake things up. Someone has to pick on the coach:). Yes, JM will play more if he keeps banging. Not sure who said it, CJ and Greiner are great players, but they can’t bang with the big boys. I saw a kid tonight at a high school game, a senior and man, he looked like a MAN. I compared him to say CJ. The student sitting next to me referred to him as "cut". He looked as if he had been playing college ball for at least two years. Someone mentioned he was a transfer from Australia. Maybe he was an old senior. As I compared him to the other players, what a contrast in appearance. Sorry I digressed:).

As for a trip east, I have a friend whose relative goes to Harvard, plays on the girls team. It would be nice to make the trip. I was out in Jersey a few years back visiting a long time friend, but not sure when I am coming that way.