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"sundayamqb" wrote: Unless Laughayette gets itself untracked soon, it might enjoy being the league spoiler. … I hate to say it, but so far I feel bad for Tavani — some of the stuff his team pulled Saturday was bad for the PL reputation.

So I’ve heard. Sounds like Frank is going to reopen "camp" this week with a bye and have everyone in full pads competing for all positions. It’s either "Reville" or "Taps" at this point. Sad state of affairs…but I’m not sympathetic. All their bombast about how they were going to blow us away over the next few years because of their new "burger joint" and renovated "Fishy Field" several years ago is now a big plate of crow. They still have some decent players, but something is sorely missing. After the bye week, they have Yale, so it will be interesting to see if they bounce back or are down for the count.