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Some more national love for CJ. … id=4998765

It’s exciting to imagine the kind of player he can become. His timely growth spurt is well documented, but let’s watch as he adds some muscle to complement his already amazing basketball abilities.

Thinking back to the last Freshman to lead LU to the tourney, Jose Olivero was more or less a finished product when he arrived on campus. Jose was one of the strongest players on the floor from Day 1 and remained that way for his solid career.

CJ may never be the physical player Jose was, but adding some upper body/core strength will make him a better finisher around the rim and a more effective defender. And "pound-for-pound" he’s already proven his toughness – as evidenced by his improved rebounding numbers over the course of the season. So a little bit of strength may go a long way.

He’s been a joy to watch. Let’s just hope he continues to be a late bloomer, and imagine what that will mean for the rest of the PL.