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I was there, as well, and walked away relieved and happy to have 3rd place to ourselves. It was not pretty. Far from it. But, you learn to take the bad with the good and after dropping 3 one-point games this year (Monmouth, American, and Colgate), it was fun winning one by one. Being it came against Lafayette just made it all that much better.
I got to watch the DVR again to see just how we pulled it off.

The "BAD"

(1) we couldn’t contain the Leopard shooters and it showed in the comparative FG stats (LC 45.6% to LU’s 39.3%)

(2) CJ had another one of his "off" nights and sank only 4 of 17 field goals – and was not close on a couple for long range – hitting just 1 of 5. Still trying to do too much but still the guy you want out there for countless other reasons (see GOOD below).

(3) our normally reliable PGs (MM and PS) would go 1 for 7 and score a combined 4 points while turning the ball over 6 times

(4) our best 3-point shooter, MO, went 0-3, committed a turnover and generally looked "out of it" in his 15 minutes of time on the court…………later learned we "ill.’

(5) plodding and ineffective half-court offense – especially in the first half – when you might have expected something far different from a more athletic Mountain Hawk team. It looked like a Colgate replay at times during the early going and glad the deficit was just 3 at the half and not 10 as with Colgate.

The "GOOD"

(1) 2007-08 ROY Keefer was reincarnated. The senior got this start on "Senior Day" and didn’t disappoint showing range and touch in scoring 10 in his 10 minutes of well-deserved time on the court. Just what we needed with Ojo feeling under weather. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him first off the bench for Ojo in the remaining two games and given more time to shine.

(2) The "other 4’s" Hamilton and Greiner. Both continued their upward spiral of play with perhaps their career bests coming just when we needed them most. Together they went 7 for 12 scoring 23 with 20 boards. Not a bad compliment to Gabe who had the winning put-back bucket with 4 seconds to go on pure strength and determination. Sitting next to his Dad made the evening that much more enjoyable.

(3) Up Tempo Offense. While it wasn’t present to the extend I believe we’re capable of playing, it was there enough to show our dominance. Fast Break Points: LU 12…..LC 6.

(4) The "other" parts of CJ’s game that are present even on nights when the shots are not dropping. Tonight it was present in his solid "D," near-flawless free-throw shooting (7 for 8), steals (4), and hustle out-racing others to the ball and, equally important, to the spot. The best example I can give was the final play of the game when CJ was seen racing up court (and at a perfectly planned angle) to get a piece of the Leopard’s last desperation shot from 30 feet. Films show he didn’t deflect it but may have caught the eye of the shooter. Who knows. It was hustle and it was appreciated by teammates and fans, alike.