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I’m going to the game this Sunday with my wife and kid. I cannot wait.

I echo the sentiments of a lot of folks on this board. IMO, Lehigh needs three things the rest of the way most importantly:

1) "leadership" (i.e., a Marquis Hall-type who can hold onto the ball late in the game, not make a turnover, make the big back-breaking shot.) Ojo has been this guy sometimes, but not consistently. I like Prentice Small a lot, but he’s not the guy either (I groan whenever he penetrates in the lane). if Ojo steps up and can be that Hall type of guy, Lehigh will be a much better team.

2) improvement beyond the arc. 31% as a team will not cut it – when CJ or Ojo are resting, Lehigh doesn’t have a true 3-point threat, and the League knows it. McKnight or Keefer are our best chances at getting hot from 3 point land aside from the "big two". If one could develop as a compelling third option, that would bolster Lehigh’s chances significantly.

3) overall shot defense. You can win games by being outrebounded, and the gap has been closing on that score, thanks to Holden Greiner. But you won’t win a lot of games when you’re getting outrebounded AND out-percentaged on the other end. There needs to be better defense underneath by all of them – Greiner, the revolving door at center, Hamilton, Knutson – to contest shots – and better defense on the outside, too. Just a couple of percentage points on that score would make a huge difference.