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"Neighbor" wrote: Chuck,

I already read your excellent summary. Well done! You are a gift to Lehigh fans.

From what I saw Saturday, talent, speed, and size will not be shortcomings. The difference between an average season and a "special" season, comes down to desire, that "killer" instinct, etc.

How does ANY coach build that mentality, that "never let-up" effort. I think back a few years ago. It was a home game vs. Holy Cross. The crowd was huge, the importance of the game very clear. Lehigh players came out at halftime almost in a stupor. They walked from the clubhouse, showed little emotion, even though a win was still possible. I’ll never forget the image I got that afternoon. I still can’t understand what I saw.

Lehigh looks to be a factor this year but, if the players aren’t "juiced" at all times, it simply won’t happen.

It’s always difficult to determine killer-instinct and until the last game versus Lafayette I might have said that this team didn’t have it. However, the team and coaches played that game to win as opposed to the gooseegg they laid against Colgate a couple weeks prior after letting a good lead disappear. Both the O and the D made big plays against LC last year. We won’t be able to say whether that will carry over but all signs suggest that this team has some mojo which has been lacking in recent years. There is a lot of new blood on the team vs. the team that packed it in against HC a couple of years back.

With the onset of spring, optimism abounds and I think there is more to look forward to this year. Most solid looking O since ’04 I think.