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"LU65" wrote: engine-rear, you bring up and interesting pair: Anderson and Keefer – two wild cards to be sure. A good game out of both tomorrow would be special indeed, but unexpected; a good game out of one might be enough to pull off a win with Marcus and Carrington carrying the load. Here’s a look at the Anderson/Keefer shooting woes when facing Army over the past 12 month (last year’s quarterfinal on 3/5/08, Game 1 this year – 1/17/09, and Game 2 this year – 2/14/09)

Anderson 4 for 14 FGs (.286) in 81 minutes of play
Keefer: 7 for 22 FGs (.319) in 91 minutes of play

In last year’s quarterfinal, the pair went for 0 for 5 in a combined 38 minutes. I remember watching Keefer pick-up his PL Rookie of the Year honors before tip-off and then proceed to lay an egg before the home crowd – 28 minutes, 0 points on 0-4 shooting, and 4 turnovers. I’m sure that game will be on his mind as he suits up tomorrow. Anderson was, likewise, a non-factor in last year’s quarterfinal round game against Army (0 for 1 in 10 minutes). One or both had better up their game tomorrow.

Right, and they happen to be the 2 players after Carrington and Hall that at least are capable of having a strong game. Keefer needs help so Reed has to put in some sets that get him some screens or find him when Army doubles in transition. Anderson needs to guard their weakest post so he has a chance to be effective scoring. It will sound strange but he plays his best offense when he he does not play defense too much. I do not intend a slight but that’s what I’ve seen over his career. And Hall has to play the entire game in the context of a game plan, he seems to lose his focus if we fall behind by 10 points.