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I’ll go on record with this, and let the experts take me to school, but this is the best regular season weekend of basketball by LU in the 15 years I’ve been paying attention. In fact, I’d put this 3rd just behind the two championships of the past 10 years. Balance, you nailed it 65, and Mackey looks to have found his groove down in Lynchburg this weekend.

Couple questions/comments:
1.) CS can play. My question is, if he is as good or better a shooter then AD(which I think he is), does he play over AD as an option at 2G when Mackey is still in the game.Why not? He handles the ball better and can shoot better. Interesting to watch….of course, when Mackey needs break, CS slides over to the point. Nice game by the frosh today.

2.) SC as we mentioned, can fill it up offensively, does he end up getting more minutes at 2G spot then AD as season progresses, again, he is a better shooter I believe…interesting to watch….

3.) HG – man what a jump he has made, we touched on it early in year, but he has come to play…leadership, rebounding, and offensive flare. The jr class is ballin man, sight to see.

From PL action over weekend, how about this for interesting, HC beats its catholic rival BC by 20 in the Worst Friday night, then loses to Fairfield by 20 today. Now I know Fairfield is legit and best team in MAAC, but how many times will you see PL team smoke ACC by 20 and lose two days later by 20 to MAAC?