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Quick observations/comments after watching the game.

It’s way to early to get down on this team. Come on, consider the opponent!

CJ is the real deal. 3 for 8 shooting and 12 pts in 26 minutes (9 more min than given either Keefer or Buchberger). Fits nicely with Marquis.

Solid "D" exhibited by LU. RU hit only 2 of 16 from deep (12.5%) and only 38.6% overall.

LU out-rebounded RU 40-36 but only pulled down 10 on the "O" glass.

Like last year, we can’t win with Zahir on the bench. Poor shooting (1 for 8) and quick fouls forced him to the sidelines again and again.

Again, like last year, one or two scoring lapses killed any chance of us winning this game. This time it occurred at the 11:55 mark of the second half when for the next 5 minutes and 18 seconds we went scoreless and gave up what was a two point lead and ended up trailing by 6.

Our forwards – principally sophomores and freshman with ZC out of the game – were no match for RU’s experienced "wide-bodies:" Harper (6’6" 225lb jr.), Butler (6’7" 210 lb, sr.) and Geriot (6’9" 225 lb jr.). Each played 31+ minutes and dominated scoring 32 pts. in a combined 88 minutes of floor time. LU was hurt badly by trio and was outscored in the paint 36 to 20. LU could only muster 13 points of rebounds to 30 by RU.

Prentice Small (0 for 2 shooting with 1 asst. and 1 turnover) played out of control (so what’s new) for 6 minutes and contributed nothing to the offense.

Michael Ojo (2 for 4 shooting, 5 rebounds, 3 personal fouls, 4 turnovers and 1 steal in 17 minutes) played his typical helter-skelter game.

Jordan Hamilton (1 for 2 – both from beyond the arc, 2-2 from the line, 3 boards and 2 blocks) played inspired ball in his 12 minutes on the court. Look for more out of him in the games ahead.

Gabe Knutson (6’8" freshman forward) got the start and did OK, all things considered scoring 4 pts (2 for 6) and pulling down 6 boards. On his misses he look awkward, "short-arming" the ball at times. Nerves, I’m sure.

Keefer’s 2 for 8 (5 pts) in 17 minutes won’t cut it going forward. He must contribute more. If he does, watch out! Hall, CJ and Keefer could be quite a story come January.

Buchberger’s 6 boards in 17 minutes were nice to see – yet expected. Picked right up from last year.

Mineri’s 4 pts in 18 minutes were not enough! By the way, where was Adams. Zahir needs these guys, especially when riding the bench as he was last night.

Shamis and Greiner – non contributors.

Hall – what else is there to say!? Where would we be without him? 14 pts., 7 boards and 6 assists in 34 minutes. Laser passes. Eyes behind his head. RU announcers were gushing over him all night on the telecast. He’s 10-15 pounds heavier this year (all muscle) and looks stronger than ever. Coach, sure we can’t get 40 minutes out of him?

Next up: Rider.