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"Bison137" wrote: [quote="lfnadmin"]Forgive me, but after hearing that Marist was going to suit up an academically ineligible player against us, I’m beginning to regret stumping so hard for them to join the PL.

Where did you see anything about them planning to suit up an academically ineligible player? I haven’t seen anything like that.

Drummond, as a transfer from Villanova, was going to be eligible once Marist’s first semester ended – assuming he got a satisfactory GPA. The semester ended, his final grades were bad, and Marist told him he couldn’t play. I’m not sure how that reflects badly on Marist.[/quote]

He didn’t just miss grades – he didn’t even meet the NCAA’s minimum requirements. "Casiem Drummond, a 6-foot-10 center on the Marist College men’s basketball team, was declared ineligible to play in the Spring 2010 semester by college officials after he did not meet the NCAA’s academic requirements."

This looks like a type of kid that wouldn’t sniff a PL campus. Sure, it might simply mean that Marist’s compliance department is working properly, but something doesn’t smell right when your taking in someone with such borderline academics to begin with. IMO.