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65 – The love is mutual, perhaps I needed to better explain myself, but really stablerbum did it for me. All I meant by that is that, the folks presently suited up for LU, can win one of these games against the likes of a MSU. Listen, even the super fans like myself understand if we play MSU 100 times they win the vast vast majority, I"m just saying we got enough talent to win some of the 100 games when a MSU type team plays their B game and we play lights out for 40 minutes. I mean, listen, we were one HOT CJ HALF OF BASKETBALL from winning vs msu, we did have the lead at halftime, and if CJ did what CJ is capable of doing, we perhaps could have snuck out of east lansing and beat Wagner to the upset party…this even with the, and I won’t go on and on, fact that Reed’s recruiting inside the CJ era has been questionable at best.

I got a great thread I was stewing over last night during Xmas dinner….think you and SBum will like this one a lot….

65- understand bryant tough sell, but HC on Jan 7th????