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Football or Basketball. Hard to determine at times in a game highlighted by 43 foul calls and 41 turnovers.

Jinx Broken. Navy had won the last four at Stabler and Brett Reed carried a 1 and 5 record against Navy into the game.

Rebounding. Once again, we win the rebounding battle, we win the game. This time by a healthy margin: 56 to 39. Said another way, we corralled 59% of the misses.

CJ: Limited somewhat by 4PFs, he still found a way to hit for 23, bring down 11 boards (none bigger than the one resulting in a 3 point play to tie the game at 61 late in the contest), and calmly drop 7 of 7 from the free throw line raising his average from 15′ to .841. CJ did miss both of his 3 pt. attempts (recent trouble noted above in post), but was solid in every other aspect of the game and continued to showed signs that he is ready to carry this team when others are having "off" nights, as was the case yesterday. Last night it was Ojo’s turn going 2 for 13.

Limiting Navy’s Threes. While they hit for 36.8% on 7 for 19 shooting, that wasn’t enough for Navy to overcome LU’s point dominance from inside the arc. LU hit 21 two’s to Navy’s twelve. Had Navy been able to launch their usual number of threes (27), there’s no telling how close the outcome would have been or if Lehigh could have held on for the win. You’re just glad Avilia, Navy’s 6’7" frosh, didn’t get more open looks. He went 3 for 6 from deep and could have stolen the show if given the chance.

Gabe’s First Double-Double (18 pts. / 14 rebounds). Tireless warrior and steady performer. That’s all you can say. Hard to believe that was his first D-D.

Self-confidence. Coach Reed brought it out in his post-game comments, but it bears repeating here. Although Greiner and Ojo were not finding the bottom of the net for the first 37 minutes of play (combined 2 for 18), they didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger when the game was on the line. Each sank open threes late – Ojo’s to break the tie and Greiner’s to put us up by six.

Missed Opportunities from the Line. Navy has no one to blame but themselves. We sent them to the line 28 times (we visited it 9 fewer times) and they hit for only 18.

5th Man Search May be Over. Holden Greiner give 30 minutes and didn’t disappoint while scoring just 5 points on 2 for 7 shooting, he did have 5 boards, 4 steals, and 3 blocks.

Avworo. Sorry Prentice, you’re not the fastest guard to the basket.