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If we want to shut down HC I think the DCwill use the 8 or 9 db umbrella D :roll:

Fitz, Walker, Barket are north -south runners , my preference is for a scatback also. We have no breakaway speed, Campbell a solid kid with some wiggle with average speed. Klaban supposed to be very fast.

If we ran a 4-3 D Flizack would be ideal DE, as it is that position is akin to a De in certain sets.

I dont think with Coach K that there will be any change from3-4. He runs it well.

Even tho this is our smallest roster in many years at 93 , our depth of talent is better than it has been in 4-5 yrs.

Lum is a spectacular problem for this squad, he does everything well, quick, strong arm , I would be surprised if he didn’t get significant time. Replace Clarke, :?:

OL , I agree that thisline bestwe’ve had in a while. Soph group excellent wouldnot be surprised to see Reich take a G slot, Pelligrini and liebler also. 9 LM that can start with no loss in quality