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Don’t forget Glenn Kempa, whose records Lum just tied and/or broke this year. That was during the prolific "Air Lehigh" days of Hank Small. I would call McQuilken and Rieker a toss up. Kim was the first great passing QB of the modern era (though I did not see Nolan). Rieker had more weapons in terms of receivers as well as the second best back of the 70’s, Gardner. In terms of "efficiency" interesting that through 2008, Sterrett had the highest CAREER rating at 155.43, followed by Rieker (147.93), Hall (147.58), Borda (146.20) and Semptimphelter (141.29). I think Lum’s rating for this year is a tad above Sterrett’s but for career, he’s not in the top 5. He’s improved from earlier in the year to where he uses discretion and tosses a pass away, now, rather than trying to force into coverage. His arm is not as strong as Stambaugh’s, Rieker’s or McQuilken’s. He also has the the luxury of possibly extending his career a few more weeks with the opportunity to make an indelible stamp on the record book.