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"lfnadmin" wrote: Remember when Cornell was seen as a great OOC game, fresh off their Sweet 16 appearance? And now it’s seen as a liability? And hands up those who thought Kent State would be our toughest OOC game. Anyone?

Goes to show that handicapping GPI is real, real easy to do before the season is over, and much, much harder to do in preseason. For example, the Penn State and USC games have veered from being great tests against top teams to tests against NIT contenders.

You know looking back at that USC game, it seemed sd if USC was a tough team. Now you are saying they are going to the NIT?

Despite all my rants and frustration, this is what I think should happen. The players need to remain in PA for a month, play and practice hard, go home for the summer and play in every league they can find. Come back next year and everyone is improved so we can go 10-13 deep. How does that sound?

BU took their team to Europe or some place like that. LU needs a fresh start. Do something radical Reed. Take them on a tour to get the motivated. Hey, it worked for BU!