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Actually, I understand that Pat Devlin is also a good student and might have had the academics to be successful at Lehigh. Even with schollies, I don’t see that he would have transferred to Lehigh (although close to home for him also).

It is my belief that football scholarships will help with recruiting in several ways. Our recruiters can talk to students and families with certainty about financial packages, not "submit your info and we’ll see what the financial aid office can do." We can compete for those quality athletes that now choose Harvard, Princeton or Yale because they get a free ride. And we can compete for those top student athletes that choose Delaware, Villanova, William & Mary, etc.

For the most part, I see us getting many of the same kids we now do. But the addition of say a Gino Gordon, a Colin Zynch, an Andrew Samson and Trey Peacock would make a difference. One or two more star players on defense and offense would make a difference.

I agree that winning the national championship is an unlikely goal, but a good goal to have none-the-less. Scholarships will help move toward that goal some, but not a huge amount. What scholarships will do for certain, IMHO, is keep us in parity with the Ivies, superior to the NEC, competitive with the CAA and allow an occasional game with Rutgers, Navy, Temple, Army, maybe even a Duke, Stanford, or Vanderbilt.