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Game pretty much went as expected. Huge first half.

Disappointing note was in the 13 minutes each played, both AD and SC scored 0 points. AD with 2 turns and SC with 4. These guys have totally lost their confidence. A game like last night should be a game to build confidence. They need to put this slump behind them, and keep shooting until they start to fall. Unfortunately, games like this tend to make players more tentative, but you have to shoot out of the slump. But, more play like this means less minutes. We are already starting to see the minutes flow to CS, who also needs to shoot it better, but he takes care of the ball better, and is a better defender.

I like that CB got minutes and played well, outside of the 4 turns. He will become more comfortable with the ball in his hands.

Finally, somebody needs to tell Staggers and Goodman to SHOOT. As a walk-on, you are rarely going to play, so when you get on the floor, shoot it every time you get it. The whole team and arena is rooting for you. A good rule of thumb for a walk-on is 1 FG attempt per minute played. Last night, Staggers played 4 minutes, no shots, and Goodman played 3, and no shots. Against Arcadia, they better be ready to put it up.

Also, Bailey, has forgotten how to shoot as well. You played the 3rd fewest minutes in a blowout (9), put it up. Show everybody what you got.