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"gohawks63" wrote: The bench was a big disappointment with one exception: Corey Schaefer. The dude was a revelation – confident, sure handed, under control, knocking down shots. And that was against a very athletic and high pressure St. John’s press! Mackey needs to get it together quickly or he is going to lose his starting spot – for realz!

Anybody notice how much "thicker" CJ got over the off-season? Obviously, the dude is putting some serious time in at the gym – preparing for the next level. But, he was a ghost when it mattered most – during the last 10 minutes. For this, I place the blame squarely at the feet of Brett Reed. "Mid-court decoy"? Are you serious?! Get the dude the ball where he can do something with it!!

A few of the players I would have really expected to display veteran poise – JA, JM, JH – played like freshmen. AD, seemed physically overmatched by the aggessive Johnnies – but others did too..

A missed (blown) opportunity ..

I have always complained about Reed’s coaching but many of you defended him. He picked Jordan as captain of the three seniors. He never developed this group. His first recruits were the junior class and that is what he has focused on from day one. The senior class was recruited by the former coach. He inherited the senior class. If they were a good group of players, they lost their confidence when he did not develop them. You must build confidence by allowing your players to make the mistakes without fear of being benched. Now I am sure the defense will begin. As was stated earlier on this board, we can have opinions and still support the team!