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I must agree that Safstrom had a stellar game. If he could check the fouls, he would be a great asset at the starting position. Gabe did a great job, but 40 minutes a game, no way he can play like this for the season. He needs help. I will say it, we need a skilled big man to help him.

In terms of the front court, looks like Maneri and Hamilton got good minutes last night. Maneri is a big guy who can bang for the rebounds, Hamilton too small against the big guys. I did not see the SB game. Greiner and Adams ( both not huge guys, Greiner has more offensive skills while Adams has more defensive skills) ,both got limited minutes last night. Greiner had foul trouble early and Adams often gets two fouls early most games. For the coaches out there, how do you avoid the fouls and play tight D? Overall, the 4 "worries" seem to rack up fouls. When stating that they need to step up their game, I assume that means they need to score. Greiner can hit jumpers, Maneri can score under the basket, Hamilton and Adams can hit the three at times. Consistency is an issue.

In the Bryant game, the team was really cheering for each other. I assume the same for this game. The team needs to believe in and encourage each other.

On a side note, in reading some of the other boards, there is conversation around how LU got CJ and why he has not transferred. A good free education is a good thing.

Let’s keep cheering the team on and good luck during finals. What a grueling schedule this week.