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ngineer, I understand your pessimism. With Stabler virtually empty during such a great season, it may be hard to believe it can be otherwise. However, fans are like Missouri…they are looking to "show me". The basketball team may need to string together more than one championship season to erase the apathy. But I believe this program is on the right path and it will be done.

[*] We have three of the last four rookie of the years;
[*] Our freshman CJ is the player of the year;
[*] Freshman Knutsen is a talent and will get much better as he gains strength;
[*] Recruits McCarthy and Bailey will lead a strong new class next year;

Yes, Lehigh is a high academic school…but trust me, they are not always studying. Lehigh also has a national reputation as a party school. These are not all geeks and nerds!

College basketball is great fun. Stabler is drab and a pain to get to, but with a strong enough reason for fans and students to attend…it could become a rockin house.

It will not be this year and not next. But if the program stays on this track, as the movie line goes, "build it and they will come".